Vincent ConnareNew York: Wall Street Journal Article on Vincent and Comic Sans. Typeface Inspired by Comic Books Has Become a Font of Ill Will :17 April, 2009

NewYork: ROFLcon keynote address: 24 Jan 2009: New York City Video by Rocketboom/Crackle

Valencia: Como una estrella del rock! VINCENT CONNARE Si si, mucho “yo tambien odio la comic sans” pero los 5 minutos que hemos tenido para entrevistar a Vincent Connare (diseñador de la comic sans) han sido un batiburrilo de solicitudes de fotos y autógrafos de los fans. Like a rock star!

Valencia: ¿Te perdiste la conferencia de Vincent Connare? ¿Te gustaría volver a verla? Descárgate I hate Comic Sans.

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30 April 2015 - S ddeutsche Zeit ng Magazine

Mein Grabstein soll in Comic Sans beschriftet sein


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Comic Sans takes the world media by storm in 2009

Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal front page article of Mr. Connare was the number one read and emailed website story on 17..20th April 2009 across America and Europe. Radio shows in America started talking about Comic Sans, from Steve Czaban of Fox Sports national broadcast, Luke Burbank's Seattle KIRO radio, and then there was the Comic Sans face-off with Dave and Holly Combs of Ban Comic Sans on NPR/BBC World Service.



BBC 6 Music

Vincent appeared on 10 August 2009 on George Lamb's BBC Radio 6 Music show

He answered George's odd questions like 'What is your favourtie cheeze?' , 'Do you like to rave? Vincent?' and 'did you see the movie Con Air?'. Top Geezer!





In praise of ... Comic Sans

The Guardian (London), Tuesday 28, April 2009
Editorial: Most of this paper is in Guardian Egyptian, but in the interests of typographical diversity the two words above in blue are in Comic Sans. Look closely...




ABC Radio

Vincent talks to the ABC Radio National (Australia)

Sydney: On Wednesday 13 May 2009 Vincent Connare talked with Alan Sauders of the ABC Radio National, By Design; a weekly Australian radio show devoted to design and the creative process. Listen live on Wednesday 13 May at 15:00 EST (Australia) repeated Saturday 9:00 EST or on the Podcast under 13 May 2009 show links.


Design Week

London: Design Week:9 Oct 2008 Comic Interlude, Vincent Connare's take on type.

London: Dalton Maag launched its new font family, Magpie, we wondered what the designer of this font, our own Vincent Connare, had to say about it.

London: Font inventor Vincent Connare spoke at the fourth annual Boring Conference, along with a man cooking pancakes on a couple of irons and an expert on Walkers crisps

Get Hannah Sandling's new book 'The Lazy Goddess' Cover photography by Vincent Connare

Vincent is a member of Reporters Sans Frontieres