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Typefaces designed by Vincent Connare and the information about his type design projects.

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Featured Design:Vincent's type design Magpie is explained with samples from his original 1999-2000 project. Includes additional typographic features that could become available. 


Como una estrella del rock! (Like a Rock Star)


article by Monica Lorenzo (in Spanish) Valencia, Spain at tercer congreso internacional de tipografía (Glocal Tipografia en la era de la Globalizacion. 3CIT Valencia

photography by congresotipografia 20 June 2008

Download the pdf of the slides for Vincent's presentation
'I Hate Comic Sans'
(mb 9.44MB requires Adobe Acrobat reader)


Why Comic Sans?
Find the truth about Comic Sans... why it was made... who put it there.. and how this font ended up on your computer.

Comic Sans, Trebuchet, and Webdings are available for corporate licenses and inclusion in your products. Contact Ascender Corporation by clicking the logo below to go to their website. If you need a PostScript version of any of these fonts, Ascender can supply them.

Comic Sans, Trebuchet, Webdings available in TTF and PS!

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